Uneven tiles pattern

Hello guys!

I don’t know why I am stuck on how to make this pattern but I can’t find an efficient way to make it. could you please help me with this?

The dimensions of the rectangles are 15x15 and 15x30

Thank you!

GridPattern_re.gh (9.6 KB)


Thank you HS_Kim! I can’t understand…man how can always have such an efficient solution. :slight_smile:

However, I would really appreciate if you had a way to explain to me what shift path does in this specific case. I understand that perhaps it isn’t that easy to explain so there is no problem if you can’t. I appreciate your help anyway!

Any idea why is this happening?

GridPattern_2.gh (20.3 KB)

Thank you!

it was ask yesterday I think, it has to do with the tree structure. You could put a pramviewer and observe the effect or search the forum/google.

It surely has to do with the amount of pieces.

You should use a multiple of 3 if you want to keep the pattern you want…

GridPattern_reV2.gh (10.2 KB)

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