Pattern/Color sorting

Hello Community,

I tried posting a thread on this earlier but it didn’t have much luck, so I deleted that post and tried to attempt the pattern myself. I am still looking for help and further development.

I am trying to recreate this pattern below.

My attempt is as shown below

  1. I would like to ask the community if there is a more elegant and streamlined solution that could be shown. I am confident I have some errors in the randomizing attempt.

  2. If possible, as an alternative to my method, I would also like to ask if someone could show me how to sub divide a base surface with the same grid like divisions. My attempt identifies a specific base curve dimension which is then copied in series.

  3. Also, I would like to see if someone could show me how a pattern could be generated that follows the same color division but follows two attractor curves running through the grid?

Thanks for your help. (28.0 KB) (21.7 KB)

Thank you very much. I will study this. Thank you!

I would love to see how you did that animation too! :grinning:

Animate the jitter slider (RMB on jitter -> then Animate); then you can store the frames and make a video/gif out of them.

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Thank you ME_Mark


This is great, I am learning a lot from it - thank you!
I like the use of the gradient to control the color but how would one go about defining 10 solid colors which can be grouped/selected?
Thanks again for this.


@FordEarl Here is an wonderful tool by Daniel Piker for creating GIF image within grasshopper itself.


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Thank you for suggestion BVR, I will check this out.