Uneven surface diagrid - need for reparametrization?

Hello Grasshopper community!

Here I am, learning from the Grasshopper primer and I got to the point of trying out the uneven surface diagrid, a diagrid controlled by a graph mapper (so the pattern is multi-scaled). I have created the base curves for the lofted definition in grasshopper as well, so you don’t need any object from Rhino.

Only thing is that, after following the definition, I get only part of my panel divided to create the diagrid. If I reparametrize the initial lofted surface, then I get just a unit subdivided and with a diagrid.

Could someone help me find out how to subdivide the whole surface?

Exercise6-5 Uneven Surface Diagrid.gh (17.6 KB)

…and with the reparametrization

the only thing you need to do is feed the isotrim component from the surface and not directly from the loft

diagrid.gh (21.2 KB)

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Great! Makes sense, thanks for having a look at it!!