Uneven spacing of control points in rebuild?

Why does rebuild command for a simple flat rectangular surface creates uneven spacing of points when u and v are equal?

In this case, I used both u and v values as 6 for point count and degree as 3 in both u and v

Hello this is exactly what I created yesterday as a subject

… we all this for the surface of degree 3. there is the command (rebuild uv) don’t forget to activate listening (loose)

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Thanks! I went through the replies and will post more on your original thread.

I cannot find the loose option in the rebuild surface panel. Is there any other panel I should open to activate ‘loose’?

he mentioned the command RebuildUV there you will find the loose option. is not the same as Rebuild


in fact
this is another command like rebuild


I’ve asked about this before… so Rebuild produces way different results than RebuildUV… but it still feels like there’s room for a RebuildUniform command as well…

(Ideally you’d have a single command with lots of options, but I’ve learned by now that’s not the Rhino way…)

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