Rebuild Surface Question

Correct me if I am wrong or have not noticed a change in Rhino but in some cases I will rebuild a surface with its current UV and degree settings to clean up the points or make them uniform. However I am noticing now that the rebuild command will keep the points non uniform. Unless I make a change to my UV settings where rhino will then make my points uniform.

Again I could be imagining this…

Hi Tommy - rather than Rebuild for this, you might try

MakeUniform (note this does not apply to the points but the knots, however it makes the surface more tractable for point editing)

followed by

MoveUVN - select the interior points (trick: testSelUVRectangle - now in V6 as SelControlPointRegion, btw) and use the Smoothing sliders to relax the points.

Does this help for what you want to do? Can you post or send me the starting surface that shows the Rebuild thing you asked about?



Hi Pascal,

That method does indeed help with getting the points to be uniform.

Does this mean that the rebuild command will only make points uniform if I change my UV counts then?

surf rebuild not uniform.3dm (76.1 KB)

Hi Tommy - I’ll see if I can dig up a thread from a few weeks or months ago there there was a similar question and the explanation from the developer - it might apply here, I am not sure… hold on a bit…

Hmm - no, that was about isocurve distribution -

(Mikko’s comment - it is not exactly the same situation though)

I do see that extracting a short direction iso from your surface and rebuilding to the same degree and point count evens things out more than rebuilding the surface does at that same location… I’ll poke some more.