Divide surfaces equally in a non-rectangular surface?


I am working on grasshopper trying to recreate a building envelope that I really like. I have come to resources pointing me to use the function [divide surface] to subdivide and create panels as my work shown below. The grasshopper code that I used for each surface is below as well.

I want to create an envelope like the precedent of: Mons International Congress Xperience (MICX) / Studio Libeskind + H2a Architecte & Associés (https://www.archdaily.com/584678/mons-international-congress-xperience-micx-studio-libeskind-h2a-architecte-and-associes)

The wood slats are all spaced out equally and have a distinct diagonal patterning on the layer below the vertical members. The problem that I have currently is that there is an uneven layering and focusing of the panels and I would like to have them divided equidistantly.

Can someone help me find the next steps to a solution?

+Also, is there a way to ‘rotate’ the direction the panels are running (created) in a diagonal way?
+I can create openings after I baked the grasshopper code for the apertures so I’m not too worried about that portion of the envelope.