Undoing File Drop Proxy turns on all layers

When importing a STL file trough dragging & doping it into a Rhino session,
Hitting Undo, turns all layers ON,
A Bug ?!

I don’t see that happening here in the latest 6.7 release candidate… What version of Rhino V6 are you running?

@Helvetosaur Version 6 SR6
(6.6.18152.23151, 6/1/2018)

OK, I didn’t see that in 6.6 either, anyone else see that? @Gil_K does this happen with every file or just one in particular?

@Helvetosaur Nope, varies STL files…

Hmm - I can’t repeat that either so far. @Gil_K - does this happen every single time? does it change anything to restart Rhino?


@pascal @Helvetosaur I suspect a Plugin that i use, been testing it with and without it.
Will contact plug’s support.
Tnx for the help.