Update turned all layers on in all details + all leaders are bold

I updated to Version 6 (6.29.20210.08522, 2020-07-28) and 2 issues happened when I opened the file:

  1. All layers turned on in all details. This is a HUGE issue for me as I now have to go back through 60+ pages and manually hide layers. This has never happened before.

  2. All leaders show up as BOLD font. This was an issue in the early betas and first releases of Rhino 6 but I haven’t seen it in awhile.

If sending you the file would help, I can share it with the McNeel team privately.

Thanks in advance.

Hi - which version did you update from?
If you don’t save such file in the current version but then open it in the previous version, are things correct then?

Hi Wim, I updated from last weeks service release (candidate?)

I’m not sure how to get my previous version of Rhino 6? I also already saved updates to the file in the current version - will going to a previous ‘version’ potentially correct the issue?

If there is a way to salvage this it would be a huge time saver - I’ll wait to hear from you before going through all 60 pages to re-hide layers.

The macOS revert tool is what you’re after I think.
In the file pulld-down menu, Revert to