Possible layer bug

I may have found an issue with layers and undoing. The steps are the following:

  • Create a layer with some objects inside
  • Hide the layer
  • Delete the layer
  • Undo

the layer is restored and the objects are not visible but the lightbulb in the UI is on. If I turn it off and on again the objects are visible again. Is this intended? Is is only a UI refresh that is missing or wrong or is it something different?

Thanks a lot

I couldn’t reproduce that on my system. When I undo, the deleted layer is reinstated and turned ON, and the object is visible.

  • Scene: no objects, only 1 layer
  • Make new layer
  • Create box on the active layer (which is NOT the new one)
  • Move the box to the new layer
  • Turn the new layer OFF
  • Delete the new layer and answer yes to the question to delete the object
  • Undo

So the fact that the layer is visible, even though the previous state was invisible is correct?

Well… That’s an entirely different question. I would consider that a buglet, yes.
Filed as RH-46432

Cool, I could not reproduce it with the hidden objects again so seems it is a bug in our plugin :smiley:

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Hi! I am still able to reproduce this bug within Rhino 6.19 in safe mode. Any news on when we should expect a fix?

Thanks a lot

Hi Alberto, the bug item is visible to the public and you can check the status at any point.
This particular one is currently still on the Future list, meaning that, at this point, a fix isn’t considered to be in Rhino 7.