Detail scale no longer working

last two service releases let me go thru procedure of typing in 1" on layout = __" in model, but when enter in the model value, the scale of the detail no longer changes. i can manually zoom in and out to change the detail scale, but i cant get the precise value i need.

Hi Daveed - here this works, sort of, but I find I need to click back in the top number once to make the lower number actually kick in.

it is on the bug tracker.


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clicking around and trying a bunch of times i can get this to work. ideally we would be able to enter these values in the new ‘safe frame’ dialog box (which i love) vs. having to use the command prompt

thanks for letting me know. only been a bug for me since the last two updates

cant get this to work, really bummer about the detail scale

Hi Daveed - I believe the latest should work by selecting (not making active first) the detail - the active detail scaling is still being worked on.


phew! thanks pascal, that works! i guess every time i use active detail scaling. so relieved there is a workaround.

new builds keep getting better in general, all the previous issues i had with picture frames and pdf print crashing seem to be fixed. i love rhino