Undo does not remove the layout page

When a RhinoPageView is added using a command, and then the command is undone, the page is not removed.

Any solution?

This is true. Creating layouts in Rhino are also not undo-able.

Is there a specific reason for this behaviour?

or will this be fixed?

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It hasn’t been requested before just like creating new viewports is not undoable. We try to stay focused on what our users request. Is there a reason you need this functionality?

any action should be having the same behavior i would think and wish. having undo view in another command seems reasonable but for the rest it can quickly become a flow breaker, not always do i want to proceed in the actions i started either because i changed my mind or just because it happened accidentally. having to fiddle around extra does not help to keep a flow.

I would expect all things created in a command to be removed on my undo.

Undo should basically “undo” things. not leave some parts…

It would be greatly appreciated if this is fixed.


Thanks @dale