Unable to Split Surface When Curves Not Touching Edges

Hi Guys,

Wonder if anyone can help?

Been trying to follow this tutorial on youtube. But for some reason, I am unable to split surface for curves located in the middle of that surface.

Seems to be working for curves located at the edge of the surface.

Any advise is appreciated!

Sleuk Rith.3dm (6.1 MB)

Your uploaded file has many surfaces and curves. Which ones are causing problems are not obvious. Perhaps upload a .3dm file with only one surface and the curves which are not splitting.

Oh ok, try have a look at this Sleuk Rith2.3dm (802.4 KB)

  1. What appears to be one curve is actually two almost but not quite identical curves. Delete one of the curves.

  2. The absolute tolerance is 0.001 mm for objects which are 28409 mm tall. Relax the tolerance to 0.01.

  3. The curves have multi-knots. RemoveMultiknot on the curves.

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Oh my god it works! Thank you so much!