Unable to select any point of an object

Hello, from a day to another rhino stopped to select the points of an object. I try to select a point of any object and i cant. Also if im working on SubD im unable to scale the selected point, seems also that there is something wrong with the gumball.
Here is a video showing the problem.

Hi Roger - do you have a selection filter active?


Hi Pascal
Yes i do. Everything is checked, from Points to Hatches

How about sub-objects?


Its also checked

… un-check sub-objects and see if that works more as you expect.


No, it didnt work. I still cant select a point from any surface

Hi Roger - ok - start from scratch. Close Rhino. Open it again and make a surface - use the Plane command. Select the surface and hit the F10 key. (PointsOn command) Do points show? Can you select one?

Make a curve, PointsOn - can you select a point?


That seems to have solve the problem. Thank you Pacal