Unable to find overlapping intervals

Hello all,

I ran into a problem trying to loft some edges, i guess the following is the cause of the problem.
When I try to join 2 edges I get the error "Unable to find overlapping intervals"
Did some searching on the internet but could not find anything that helps me solve it.
Could some one please tell me the direction of where to look in order to solve this?

Many thanks, Regards, Robert Glotzbach

Post an example .3dm file if possible.

What commands are you using? Which command results in “Unable to find overlapping intervals”?

Many thank David,

Included is the file. I first splitted the surface of the lamp by an extruded curve(included too on a separate layer).
Then on one side I could loft the edges no problem. On the other side it created something weird, I then tried to join the separate edges to see if that would help. Then I got that warning.

Many thanks for helping.

Kind regards, Robert

UnableToFindOverlappingIntervals.3dm (1.4 MB)

Both of the edges which you are trying to Loft are split. Use MergeEdge to merge the two parts of each edge.

I assume you used a cylinder as the cutting object for the inner edge as well as the outer edge. A cylinder has a seam because the cylinder is formed from a “rectangular” sheet with two opposite edges joined together. When a cylinder is used to trim a surface the resulting edge on the trimmed surface is split at that seam of the cylinder.

Thanks David,

Strangely enough I tried to merge them, but could not make it work. Now it does, probably made some silly mistake before. No i did not use a cylinder for splitting but an extruded curve, but maybe it has a same effect?

Many thanks for helping.
Regards, Robert

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