Join surfaces without success

Hi, I tried to join 2 surfaces (I duplicated the edges then loft the inside) and I cannot join them… therefore I have naked edges… ahhh why???

squaresignet.3dm (612.1 KB)

Deleting the inside surface of the ring (the part that would touch your finger, apologies for the jewelry ignorance, I don’t know what that part of the ring is called), and you find a sliver of a surface in the way. Remove that, then use MergeEdge to restore that edge. Re-loft your inner surface using edge curves (you don’t need to duplicate the edges, you can use surface edges as input for loft) and it joins up here.

Hi Eszter - there are several of the tiny sliver surfaces that Sam mentioned, in this model.


Hi Sam, I think it is called the “shank.”—Mark

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