Unable to create render meshes and how to fix bad objects

I’m having trouble with this one specific file of mine. I’m unable to render it or enter shaded view at all. It gets hung up on ‘creating render meshes’. Originally it had some bad objects but I selected and deleted them. The file has a lot of very small surfaces and edges but I’ve run both the check command and SelBadObjects since and the whole thing seems to pass.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? File is attached.

Test.3dm (13.9 MB)

Well I ran the command “Showedges” and there are a few spots that show up as naked edges (60 total). I don’t know why those would be causing the issue since it is one I have never had happen until now. But I would look at repairing those first, and see if you can get it to work after that. Some one from McNeel may have a better answer.

.Hmm- look along the bottom edge where the little cut out is- tiny tiny sufaces at the inside corners- set the view to Parallel to be able to zoom in enough. Also at the top where the folded detail is- tiny surfaces right at the cut where the fold is.


Ah, those are tough to spot, thanks! Did you use the showedges command to locate them? I’ve got a library of hundreds of files like this that I need to cleanup and get ready to use so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Nick- one thing you can try is to explode the object and SelSmallSrf.


Thank you for your help Pascal.

I’m having trouble finding that command. I see SelSmall and SelSrf. I don’t think SelSmall will help me much as the diagonal length of the bounding box for some of these bad surfaces is larger than a lot of other necessary geometry in the model. Thoughts?

darn… I may have made a script or plug-in to test with… yep…

SelSmallSrf.zip (570 Bytes)

Save, unzip, then drag and drop the rvb file onto Rhino to register the script and add an alias SelSmallSrf that runs it.


Script works perfectly, thanks. McNeel’s support team is without a doubt one of the best I’ve seen.

Unfortunately, it looks like even after removing the bad minisurfaces there are still some pervasive problems in the model that prevent it from rendering. I can only figure that something got messed up in the import from when I originally got the model. I’ll go back and see if I can identify the problem at the source.

Thanks for your help Pascal!

Yeah, getting rid of those may not do it- the edges where they were are still messy - RebuildEdges will help but things are still a little unclean after…


Agreed. I’ll carry this one back to the source.

Still, thanks. I’ve learned something so it was all worth it in the end.