Bad object and not a closed poly srf

lid.3dm (264.5 KB)
Having a bit of trouble with this . When selecting “what” , it says invalid poly srf. When I use " select bad object" it is selected. Also it is quite large when Being meshed. 160mb. I had to save small to get it small enough to send here.
Anyone know what is wrong with what I am doing? thanks,Mark


i’ve used _ExtractBadSrf and repaired some surfaces by _ShrinkTrimmedSrfToEdge,_Reparameterize Automatic and _RebuildEdges. Your smallest feature is close to the document absolute tolerance. Not sure if this was the cause but now it can be meshed using coarser settings and looks less jagged.

lid.3dm (279.2 KB)


You didn’t tell us what you are doing, but I can guess that you used the FilletEdge command which resulted in numerous inaccurate surfaces that are badly trimmed and badly joined.

If you want accurate filleting you should use the FilletSrf command.

@clement and @jim, thanks for taking the time to look at that file. I ended up looking at both your suggestions and redrawing the object with better success.—-Mark