Unable to create closed mesh from valid closed object

I am trying to create a fin from an extruded curve. Once I had my valid solid I turned on sold control points to create the sharp single edge of a fin by snapping the control points on one end together. Although rhino considers it a valid closed object, when I convert it to a mesh it creates a open mesh and marks the the single edge where i snapped the control points together as a naked edge in the mesh. How do I create an closed mesh from this valid closed object?

Can you post that object prior to the mesh conversion using the Export command when it’s selected?

Are you saying export the closed object by itself as .3dm?

The file is on a network I’m unable to easily transfer from. It is not possible for me to post it here on this forum.

Yes, post it here after selecting the closed polysurface and using the Export command which will save just that selection as its own 3dm. There’s an upload arrow in the controls for the reply on the forum here.

I can’t remove it from the network it is on. I don’t have those privileges.

Do have any ideas of things i could look into or questions I could answer because I cannot provide a copy of the object here on this forum?

It sounds like stacked verts and maybe they aren’t actually in the same spot. Weld might help once it’s a mesh… it’s all guesses without seeing the file though. Did you run ShowEdges>Naked edge display on the polysurface?

I did and it showed no naked edges or non manifold edges. I created it from an extrusion and then used the _solidpton command to create the blade like edge. However my tolerance when i created it was at .002, is that causing the points not to be the same? It only shows problems once i convert to mesh.

Hi Seth - see if MatchMeshEdge helps you out here - apply this to the open mesh.


Unfortunately it didn’t work :*(

OK - well, there is not a lot we can do without the file. Note we have a private, confidential upload to our tech support staff at www.rhino3d.com/upload


Thank you for all the help! I figured out I had forced edges that were not touching. I recently took another 3-D modeling class which increased my skills significantly.


Open Meshes from Closed Polysurfaces happen when the geometry is too far away from the world origin. - i noticed.

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