Failed in transfer a closed mesh to a solid

Hi guys, I have a closed mesh imported from MAYA with no naked edges. I want to transfer it into a closed polysurface which is required for the next step’s python script.

I have tried several ways.
I used the meshmixer for creating a solid, it works, but the file turns too heavy for running.
Command meshtonurbs turns out to get a open polysurface(with no naked edges): i just want to fix this problem. Units(mesh).3dm (1.3 MB)

Hi Dearfox - run Check on this mesh - Rhino does not like it very much as is, but you can fix it-

  1. ExtractDuplicateMeshFaces
  2. MatchMeshEdge

It should be a valid closed mesh that works with MeshToNurbs but if you want smooth surfaces from it there will be more work to reverse engineer it.


it is indeed some duplicated faces.
thank you a lot!!!

Almost all of the faces are duplicated. Unweld, Explode (ignore the warning), SelDup, Delete, Join.

Use _MatchMeshEdge to close the remaining 52 naked mesh edges. _MeshToNurb will then produce a closed polysurface… Don’t know how useful it will be, though…