How to convert open mesh to close mesh in Rhino

Dear All,

I have a problem converting complex open mesh to close mesh. When I check “Mesh Repair”, it says that it is a good mesh but yet an open mesh not a close mesh.

Is there anyway I can convert it to a close mesh?

Here is some detial of the mesh:
ID: 12bfb5a7-81df-46b8-a138-e2b5784c2e (13)
Layer name: Baby Body
Render Material:
source = from obj
index = 2
Valid mesh.
Open double precision polygon mesh: 9468 vertices, 18892 polygons with normals
bounding box: (-64.201,-61.1607,-178.902) to (134.654,97.533,85.3908)
Geometry UserData:
description: ON_Mesh double precision vertices
saved in file: yes
copy count: 13


I’d say that depends entirely on the openings in the mesh. Does FillMeshHoles do any good?
You’ll probably have to post that file to get any answers that actually help…

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Hi Rasha - use ShowEdges > Naked edges to see which edges are open. Does that tell you anything useful? If there are small cracks and not a large opening in the mesh, MatchMeshEdge may close it up - make sure to run Check afterwards,


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Thank you! it works very well using Show edges command and was able to see the holes. Then with MatchMeshEge was used to close the hole. Hope it will work smoothly with the others, as well.

Many thanks,