(Un)Trimmed Surface (Front Wing of a racing car)


I am currently trying to generate a lattice structure between two surfaces. My approach was to separately insert the surfaces and then generate the lattice inbetween by using the plugin “Intralattice”.
As both surfaces come from a .step file (front wing of a racing car) and I cut off the sides in order to get a top and bottom surface, the resulting surfaces are untrimmed surfaces. Therefore, the lattice module not only generates the lattice between the visible subsection but along the whole underlying surfaces (front wing).

If the shape of the component would be not as complex as in this case, I would rebuild it as a new surface. But until now, this was not possible for me.

Does anybody has a good idea on how to transform the untrimmed surface into a trimmed one.

I enclosed the grasshopper algorithm and the respective .step file.

(Un)trimmed_surface.gh (378.7 KB)
selig_wing_back_2_of_5.STEP (4.4 MB)
selig_wing_front_2_of_5.STEP (4.3 MB)

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Totally forgot to include the canvas screenshot.

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