Lattice Voxel fail using Crystallon

hello everyone. im beginner of grasshopper. but i tried many ways before finally posting it here.

my problem is when i use lattice generator Crystallon my patch become untrimmed and made voxcel not correct.

ps Im using crystallon

untrimmed (32.1 KB)

untrimmed lattice.3dm (66.3 KB)

It takes an untrimmed surface.
So if you give it a trimmed one, it will convert it back.

Thank you for your reply. How can i take trimmed one since i clicked trimmed one but grasshopper processed like the untrimmed one.

untrimmed lattice Edited (177.5 KB)
Make it a mesh, then turn the mesh into a lattice.

Thank you so much mr @Quan_Li

i found it working. but my goal is morph between surface/mesh so voxcel will be morph. i relly apreciate if you can help me with this little detail.

Thank you so much mr Quan Li

lattice 3.3dm (11.1 MB) (260.2 KB)

lattice3.1 Edited (112.9 KB)
Made with Mesh+ plugin.

Thank you mr Quan Li. this really work. i can modify from this. Thank you godbless

You are welcome!