Anti-aliasing in rhino 8 worse than 7

maybe I just need to find the right settings? any ideas?
my openGL settings are identical between 7 and 8

What are your Windows Display settings:

  • Scale and layout
  • Display resolution

In Rhino Options > View > OpenGL

  • What is your Antialiasing setting?

1920x1080 at 100% scale, landscape
OpenGL 4x anti-aliasing, with GPU tessellation checked (same on 7 and 8)

@Will_Wang you could tune the looks with TestWireThicknessScale

Excellent idea, thanks

I have to say that although it has helped me with the wireframe view, it has also increased isocurves line weight, rendering surfaces messier. Something about the Rhino 7 graphics just looks better…

I am having the same issue, something doesnt look right…
I already pushed the anti aliasing to the max

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We have this on the list as RH-78744 Display: Curve drawing quality