Type Of Connection needed for this project?

Could someone please help me in telling me what type of connection would best suit this project…

I am wanting the red piece to be able to slide off the black piece by pushing in the red piece into the black piece so the user can change the red piece over what type of connection would best suit this situation?

Is there a resource someone could point me in the direction to look at some connections to best suit this situation?

Hope this makes sense files are below…

TypeOfConnection.3dm (1.9 MB)

Hi @mattyburtonofficial
There’s a lot of ways to do that, so the answer would be “it depends”. It depends on:
What material are the parts made of, plastic, metal, wood etc?
What production method, moulded, milled, hand crafted etc.?
What direction does it need to be pushed in/out from, top, bottom, side?
What kind of friction/adhesion do you need, should the red part be changed by a simple push or by force, should it be child proof etc.?
What kind of life time are we looking at, 10 changes, 100 changes, 1000+?
I’m sure there are more things to consider, so be more descriptive and I’m sure someone will help. This was written for Grasshopper, but most of the guidelines apply to general Rhino questions as well: How to ask effective questions
HTH, Jakob

Thanks for the reply, the parts will be 3D printed and finally cast in gold and sterling silver.

It will need to be pushed in from the top so it slides down in place and the part should have a little force as will be made into a pendant would be great if you could show me some examples so I could reverse engineer if possible?


Hi @mattyburtonofficial
Jewelry is not (in any imaginable way!) my area of expertise, so hopefully someone with more knowledge in that area will chime in :slight_smile:

Thanks man shame there wasn’t a book on this topic covering some connections like this