How to combine these two parts?

Hi friends,
This is a simple object consists of two parts. I want to create a transitional combination between the head and handle parts. As you see, the handle is thicker than the head so I need to create a transition so the handle reaches the level of the head when it touches its surface. I don’t know how to do so.
Please help me.
a.3dm (655.2 KB)

Hi Alex - something like the attached would be how I’d start.

a (2).3dm (380.1 KB)


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Hey Pascal!
I can see that it’s not possible to open you file in iRhino.
Will the app support wireframes anytime soon? :slight_smile:
I guess not, but would have been cool to be able to use when learning from this forum!


Although it’s for Alias, you could maybe use the same typical solution shown in this video.

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