Can Rhino design connections?

I’m very new to Rhino and could use some advice. I’ve been designing thin (about 2 mm) templates in Rhino and then printing them on my 3D printer. I’d like to print taller templates but am limited by the size of my printer bed. If I split the design in half can Rhino design a connector to join the two parts, i.e., some kind of interlocking connection that can be glued together? Or do I design the connection via brute force?

Hello - there is no tool for this so, if by brute force you mean just hand modeling then yes, brute force is it.


Darn. Thank you!

maybe look in the job posting boards and let the rhino community do it for you.
Brute force it to someone else for a few bucks :wink:

Thanks, that’s a thought.

Hello @sunspot

A while ago I saw some students working with Kai Suto and his team’s plugin for origami making (Crane plugin). I believe this can generate hinges to connect 3d printable parts… give it a try , you can download it from food4rhino website…

hope this helps…

Thank you! I’ll check it out.