Two questions about data visualization

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I have two questions about data visualization:

  1. I want to visualize the data like the figure below which is like the data floating on the map. When the value is near to the peak value, it will be colored for better visualization.

  2. Relating to Q.1, is it possible to visualize real-time data in Rhino? (e.g. Google popular time)

P.S. The attached data is more related to the Q1.
18_data.csv (100.0 KB)

Thank you in advance and also many thanks to this amazing forum.


You’ll have a somewhat hard time drawing transparent objects in grasshopper correctly. Due to the way depth buffering works, transparent objects need to be drawn back to front. Rhino sorts all objects before drawing, but grasshopper does not.

If you wish to draw transparent boxes it can be done, but you’ll have to circumvent the grasshopper drawing pipeline to make it look good.

As for Real time vis, it’s possible, technically you can draw something different every time the viewport refreshes. So if you’re in charge of your own drawing, you can read data from a streaming source and draw the most recent version of it.

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What if it is not necessary to draw transparent objects?

My idea is to divide the map into pieces (pixel) and then call the data from the Excel file to draw the boxes. But the data I obtained right now is not perfect for this idea due to the x-y coordinate was not the pixel-form and it is quite random.

In addition, I think it is possible to transform the data in GH or re-form the data source and then draw the boxes on the map?


Then you can either use the custom display component, or just hack into the preview overrides of a C# component.

Thanks @DavidRutten for the answer. Is there another way to do it if I have no programming background?


Just found another two figures regarding the visualization. :crazy_face:

here I send a basic def about how to read a csv-file from your device and draw boxes with transparency. (67.6 KB)

Picture is showing a shaded viewport.

If your source is somewhere in the internet you can evaluate Giulio Piacentinos def in this topic. For updating the external data (I think) one would recompute the solution manually:


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Hi @ferry59,

It does help! Just try the definition and it works well. Let me play it around after I get off work!

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