NEW PROBLEM: Smooth the data visualization

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I am trying to visualize the excel data as shown in the figure but no idea how to do it. Any thoughts about this? (This problem had been solved. Now the problem is to optimize the graph. See below)

NEW PROBLEM: the visualization doesn’t look good for presentation and therefore I am asking here if there is any method to visualize the data better?

What I want to do is:

What I did:

The data I am trying to visualize:
observers_test data.csv (194.0 KB)


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You can use File Path to select and load a .csv file in your machine into your GH canvas and Read Filecomponent will let you read the contents of a file.

BTW, It seems your point data is not organized into a rectangular grid like the image you referenced, so I used Delaunay Mesh to visualize the shape.

Read (62.3 KB)

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For CSV reading also consider CSVulture (available on the Package Manager):


Thanks a lot! @HS_Kim

Hi @andheum,

I can’t open the Package Manager (I am using Rhino 6). Is there another method to install it?



Type this fully in rhino command.


It works, thanks!

you can download from here also :


It does work! thanks!

It is very convenient, thanks!

Avoid duplicate post.

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Sorry about that. Will delete the post!!