How to draw charts in grasshopper

Hi all,

It might be a simple question: How to draw different kinds of charts in grasshopper?

bar chart:
bar chart

line chart:
line chart

pie chart:
pie chart

test data:

Rhino chart test.csv (237 Bytes)

Many thanks!!

You could use native GH components but somewhat limited in use…There are some plugins that have the chart and graph features.

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Thank you!! It does help!

Hi @HS_Kim,

I am playing around with the data visualization and having some questions about data structure: What is the difference between these two structures? And how to convert the upper one structure to the bottom one?

(From my understanding, the bottom one is the “Test{}” list and the upper one is just a list?)


If you don’t have prior knowledge of Datatree, I would recommend that you read the relevant resources before doing anything with GH…

And check this…


What can I say! Thank you so much.

I did figure out the data tree structure. It is similar to the Python data structure. Thanks Kim!

For reference, I would recommend using conduit to draw the graph for who is not familiar with grasshopper. Although Human UI did it very well.