Two boat renderings in Neon

Two quick boat renderings both in Neon:

And a container as a bonus in Neon as well:

Now if you could fit that boat in the container…

Nice work

Why are the objects all floating in outer space?

Nice! It might be cool to put the boat in water too. A noise texture in the bump channel of a chrome material works well for this. The environment then becomes important but a simple gradient can usually do the trick.


Very nice work indeed.

Thank you everyone for your comments.
Water is always tricky and takes a lot of time to give effect that will satisfy me. This boat is only a training exercise and I will unfortunately have no time to upgrade it further for a little while. The container is just a block to be included in another project.

A new version with sails. They look a little plastic but I think that if the environment would be introduced this feel would go away.

A good water surface is hard to achieve. Once you get one you really like, be sure to save to what ever renderer you are usings native materials. I have been struggling with water surfaces and then while reviewing years old renders I saw really nice waters that I had created in projects long ago and failed to save those waters as native materials for my preferred renderer (Octane). Here is the water that I was referring to. I’ll see if I can share here.

Ah yes this is a common problem I think. Years ago we were working on a little project and the best we came up with was this:

Unfortunately I couldn’t take anything with me and making it again would take hours now.

Have you guys looked at Maxwell with its Sea extension?

I have seen it some time ago. Looks awesome but it costs a fortune plus my little laptop would probably melt through the floor form the processor load :wink: