New Render Project

Yes, more Maverick :slight_smile: …and increasing my ability to use SubD’s in my work.

First of all, just have to comment on Maverick one more time. The amount of preset options to modify and change the lighting and materials, in a scene, has opened up a whole new world of experimentation. It has given me so much freedom to explore areas I just wouldn’t have in the past. Whether or not my work gets better, I don’t know but rendering and doing my 3D illustration is much more of an explorative journey than before.

I took the design of Victor Kevruh (this guy is an amazing designer) and with some artistic license put it into 3D. It was more of a challenge in getting a good foundation using SubD’s than anything else. Modeled partly in Modo and the rest in Rhino.


Amazing, as always @PaulS! I’m “stuck” (it’s not a bad thing!) with Keyshot at work, but will have to give Maverick a spin!

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Great looking work! Most of that which I wish to render takes place in ocean like water. I’m a NA and mostly yacht designer. Does Maverick offer up scenes that may include a boat in water?

Not specifically. Though there are a number of ‘outdoor’ lighting conditions available in the library.