Creating Ocean Water in Brazil



I’m trying to create ocean water to render a ship model. I found the Brazil Material Library and downloaded it but I’m not having much luck with the water in it. One concern would be that the bitmap path leads to a non existent Flamingo 2.0 file… What can I do to correct that. I simply dropped the Material file into my render content folder but the seawater bitmap is just a black thumbnail…

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You can make a glass material then use bmp image as noise or b/w color texture.

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Beazil render is cool and powerful . Just we need some futures like . RT interactive mode. Like Thea render.


Thanks for the reply Foreigner, I read your post last night and started tinkering with it…

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You mean perhaps interactive, not inactive?

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Yeah , sorry just mistake /


Thanks Foreigner, I’ve been planning to render a picture but haven’t finished the wakes yet, which were the purpose of creating the water to start with. Other elements of the model have consumed me in an array of rabbit trails. I do all the procedures; coding, rigging, animating & hacking to create fully functional simulation models, so I move around a lot.

Your water looks great. I started with the Angular Base and used the water texture and bump map from the simulator files and it was your prior statement that made that idea dawn on me. It looks pretty much like the simulator water now with the exception of a little tighter tiling on my part so I have a good base to do all the testing for my wake textures… I’ll post a rendering once I’m somewhere in the area of satisfied with them…