Twisted Surface Panels

Hello, I am trying to create a panel surface that is twisted, (I.e the top curve is perpendiculer to the bottom curve and then lofted). I am struggling to figure out how to get a curve between each point. as well as loft it between the curves above and below it. This image is basically what I am trying to achieve.

Also is there a way I can edit the heights of these so that they could be all different heights and positions within the plane they are on? (i.e maybe one panel is 4 ft long with its track touching the tallest top, the one next to it is 2 ft long and its tracks sits in middle, and so on). I would make it random too. If this is too complicated please just help with the top problem! I have struggled a few hours now trying to fix it. Any help is apprieciated, thanks. (9.9 KB)

use this if you want (16.7 KB)

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it’s beautiful. Thank you!

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