Subd hidden?

Hi there,
Just got last release today but can’t find SubD…
Do i need to install something to use it?


You’ll need theWIP of Rhino 7 to have the SubD commands in development. To get the WIP, you need to have bought a V6 license.

Actually, a limited set of the Rhino SubD test commands is available in RH6.
Few of these autocomplete (e.g. SelSubD), while other commands don’t (such as SubDfromMesh).

To find out what’s in RH6 and what’s not, check the “Rhino SubD status document” that you can download from this post:

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Will subdivisions eliminate polysurfaces?

I don’t think that this will be the case as there will always be the need to split up a (smooth) skin into separate parts, for example for manufacturing purposes. The smooth skin of a large ship hull is always split into different sheets of steel/alu to be able to form and manufacture the end product. This also depends on the size of the available individual sheets. Often the thicknesses of these separate parts have different thicknesses.
This doesn’t necessarlily means that these individual parts also have to be joined into a polysurface, but maybe it is more easy then to modeling the structure that is behind the skin.
My idea is that every solution (single surface/ poly surface/ mesh/ SubD) is an abstraction for a specific purpose. I guess a polysurface is also some sort of a language to be able to speak with other siftware that support polysurfaces (STEP) instead of SubD.

From my point of view SubD functionality of the level of T-Splines is crucial for the future of Rhino. Over here I really need SubD for some specific ship hull types with smooth aft bulbs or twin skeg arrangements.


no, at least not in the near future. Why? Because you cannot match quality criteria’s with Sub-D surfaces, nor you can express any shape possible as with traditional approaches. G2 is not everything.
Autodesk sells Speedform (based on t-splines) as a tool for concept design, not for designing a final product. They are also very open with its weaknesses.

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