Alternative to tween curves (metaballs with custom curves)

Good afternoon
I have a very common problem I have seen around but I haven’t found a solution yet
Its a two part problem actually:

The first, is that I want to have the tween curves between a closed outer boundary and multiple inner closed curves. I have tried tween curves but they don’t seem to work properly.

The second Idea I had was to create a “topography-like” surface, and then extract contours. But I dont seem to manage to have a seamless loft between one single outer curve, and multiple interior closed curves.

I am attaching the 3dm file for you to see, and one image as a reference of what I would like to achieve.

floor to grasshopper.3dm (59.9 KB)

I appreciate your help!

You could try with Metaball for that sort of pattern.

Metaball (13.3 KB)

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I have tried Metaball but it only accepts points as an input. Is there a way to insert predefined curves?

floor to grasshopper.3dm (58.0 KB)