Tutorial to build the Rhino icon logo


I’ve just spent the last 15 minutes searching in vain for a video tutorial of how to construct the Rhino3D rhino head logo/icon. I could swear I’ve seen such a thing and would like to watch it again as it has some shapes I’d like to learn how to make. Could someone point me in the right direction?



I’m pretty sure that is an old (pre-AutoDesk) video done in T-Splines.

McNeel people, please tell me the that logo for the freakin product can actually be made with said product?

Hi Dave - That thing was made years and years ago in Rhino 2 … or 1… or before. I don’t know if anyone has the curves any more, but I believe it was a Sweep2 bonanza for the most part.


Geez, calm down. The logo was designed long before T-Splines was even in a germ of an idea in the head(s) of it’s creator(s). It’s been around since Rhino 1.0 or before (so, mid-late 90’s). IIRC, it was designed to show off what Rhino NURBS could do it the time when that kind of stuff was extremely difficult/expensive to use for the ordinary designer.

I do not recall a tutorial for doing it at the time, but the finished model was supplied with Rhino as a sample file - I think also since Rhino 1.0 or so.


Here is the earliest one I have - note the date on the file - September 1998. It’s from the original Rhino 1.0 disc…

I believe @mikko built that model long be for Rhino 1.0 shipped. He can tell you more.

anywhere i can find that rhino logo actually? i have been looking all over my mac and online and and and. obviously i can not download version 1 anymore, but i would like to have a look at that logo finally :slight_smile: i had the feeling somebody posted it when it was discussed a few years ago but i could not find that topic anymore.

Hi @encephalon,

You’ll find it amongst the sample files accessible from Help | Learn Rhino | Tutorials & Samples in Rhino 7, amongst others:


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thanks Jeremy, i knew its somewhere close

Mikko or Frank Wohl?