Mac icon redesign

I considered a redesign of the rhino icon on the mac. The white color makes it hard to spot in a finder window. Also it looks a little bit distorted in the dock.
Inspired by the windows icon and the new Yosemite icon rules I created this example.
What do you think about it? What are your ideas? How can we get McNeel to change it?



Much better than the one we have now (which looks distorted, as you said)!


I like the form of the square with bg as it’s ‘iconic’ and easily recognizable. I might go for a different bg color. Maybe a nice red…

I´d prefer this style, deviated from the png from Philip:


You know, the head looks a bit to elongated and there’s an akward transition between the first section with the horns and the next with the neck thing.

@foddomanoo This is really cool. Thanks for sharing! Looks like things will be changing quite a bit for Yosemite. This blog post is pretty helpful in dissecting what is going on with the new Dock. I haven’t seen anything show up in the official Apple Human Interface Guidelines (yet)…but it does look like a more consistent visual language is taking hold for the icons (for better or worse - depending on your tastes).

Worse in my opinion. Apple has a fantastic history of a graphics-based operating system and the ‘designers’ insist on removing all visual depth from the interface. There’s something arrogant and asinine about the latest attitude towards the user interface. Instead of progressing aesthetically, these fools are fomenting attitudes reminiscent on Soviet-era engineers.