Turn off or modify selection highlighting for point clouds


I am using point clouds that have points that are coloured according to the scan data. These colours are sometimes the only way of identifying which points are needed to be selected for a certain operation. For example, if you wish to scale the entire point cloud according to a known distance between two identifiable points, you cannot because everything is turned yellow when selecting the object (pointcloud) to be scaled.

The only way around this is to draw a line between the desired points beforehand, turn off point snapping and use the end snap to select the correct positions of the original points based on the line ends to scale, - very dull!

At present, when you select a point cloud it highlights every single point and makes it yellow, making it impossible to distinguish between individual points - Is there a way to change this setting? for something like a 50% opacity yellow instead of a full yellow that overrides all other visible information?

Hi Andrew,

Would no highlight at all work?
If so, see if any of these work:


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Hi Jarek,

Thank you, your script ToggleSelectionHighlight works perfectly!

It would be nice if the program core had an option to set the highlight to a 50% opacity or similar though if required - I can see presently you can set the colour, but not the opacity for selection highlight -

However, this works, thanks again!

I think RMA is working on some other selection highlight method that obscures the geometry less. Would be good for dense meshes, color pointclouds or finding intersections visually better.


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Completely agree, with dense meshes and point clouds, it makes it impossible to work with the object.

Also, I often work with geometry that imports as the same colour yellow as the highlight, making it difficult to tell if it is selected or not.

Thanks again for the solution in the meantime! :slight_smile:

The selection color can be changed in Options->Apperance.
I have the same problem ( too many yellow imports) so i use less common toxic green for my highlights.


Yep, I saw this, however, I commonly use a toxic green for text layers, so need to find another hideous colour instead!

HINT HINT Dev team - A selection opacity setting is needed! - thanks in advance!