OneLayerOff can this be made to turn off parent layer the items sublayer is in?


Clicking the grey layer with grey lightbulb icon in layers options that is OneLayerOff, I click the object and it vanishes, but most of what it was part of remains, because the parts of the object are on different sub layers,
I want a command that turns off the parent layer as well as the children so to speak.

How is this done ?



Hi Steve, I am not sure I understand but it sounds like just turning off the parent layer should do it?


Hi, but I run OneLayerOff and it turns off the sublayer, I dont get shown what sublayer its turned off, how do I get it to take me to the sub as it does that so I can manually select the parent, I wanted it to turn off the parent.

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Hi Steve, I see - probably you should go at this from the layer panel - select your object and in Layers > Hammer icon, choose ‘Select object layer’ then you’ll see where it is and you can just turn off the parent. Does that do it?
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