Turn "complex" rhino polysurfaces into VisualARQ objects?

Is there an easy way to turn “complex” rhino polysurfaces into VisualARQ objects?

Hi @raymond.gaetan. To what VisualARQ object type do you want to turn complex geometry, and why?
I’m asking this because there is no really need to do this, since Rhino geometry appears in VisualARQ plan and section views, it can get section attributes to be displayed properly in 2D drawings.
Also Rhino objects can get custom parameters and be listed in VisualARQ table reports, or be tagged with specific ifcTypes.

Some objects (like walls), can be generated from irregular shapes (take a look at this post: Is it possible to create irregular walls or walls from Rhino geometry? - VisualARQ ), or some others, such as columns, doors, windows, furniture or elements, can be created from rhino blocks.

section attributes did the trick, thank you!