Tuning the Selection Menu when selecting overlapping geometry/curves/blocks

Hi all,

Asking around to see if anyone can tell me how the order of objects in the “Selection Menu” works when you click on two overlapping objects. I used to think it was the order the items had been drawn in but this doesn’t necesarily seem to be the case.

Anyway I can change it so it’s ordered by Z-Axis location??

Hello - I do not know how the sorting goes exactly - there is a hierarchy of objects though - for example, curves are always listed before edge curves if both are eligible for a selection. In my quick and limited test here, with just selection (not inside a command looking for specific object types) this order seems to be stable, no matter which 3d order the objects are in:


Thanks for the reply - By the sounds of it then there’s no way to modify this behaviour in Rhino.

FWIW my Rhino is showing inconsistency in ordering the slection menu. I.E if there’s 3 surfaces overlapping eachother and I select the one at the top of the menu - the surface selected won’t be the same.

Niche issue I know, but for Architect’s who deal with a lot of verticality having some sort of internal logic would help.

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Thanks. Amended

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