TTToolbox error when connecting both XL Out and XL In

Hey All,

I am having an issue using TTToolbox’s excel features. The intent is to export data to 1 worksheet in an excel file. And then read data from a different worksheet in the same excel file. But when using both at same time, the data gets written to the wrong worksheets, overwriting important calculations etc.

Sending data to Excel works as intended (on its own), reliably sending the data to worksheet ‘1’.

However as soon as i connect ‘XL In’ to read the second worksheet. The XL Out component changes what worksheet it is exporting data to.

This seems like a relatively basic issue, so i am not sure if I am doing something incorrectly. I have tried on 2 different machines. Please let me know your thoughts.

Lunchbox excel tools are reliable, but lack the ‘live’ listen feature to changes in file.

Files attached.


Does anyone have any suggestions for writing to an excel, then reading results in same definition? Which excel plugin would be best?

Hands down Bumblebee (latest version)
There are also sample files with examples about workbook/worksheet (reading and writing)

If you’re still having trouble with this plugin, feel free to tag me in this thread again, I’ll have a look a it :slight_smile:

Hi @antoinemaes,

Thank you for suggesting the great plugin. But Bumblebee seems to throw an error if the list of indices in each tree is non equal. (eg {0} N=1, {1}, N=2) . This seems to be an issue in TT Toolbox as well. I don’t want to add nulls / zeros to make the indices equal. Is there any other way?

Hey !

Yes, that’s something I think the latest version seens to be missing (i’ve contacted David Mans about it)

In the meantime, with the previous version of Bumblebee, you can have different lengths.
You can also send Nulls to excel so that cells stay empty allowing you to skip columns for example.

Here’s the workflow i’ve been using to send multiple tables in excel using only one export component.
you’ll need Wombat and Elefront and the previous release of Bumblebee for this to run.

(it can be any number of tables)

It’s a file i’ve sent to the author of the plugin to hopefully get something similar (but easier/better) working in the latest version. (35.1 KB)

Let me know if you need more info

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PancakeSpreadsheet allows cell manipulation by their locations (e.g., A1:D3) or filling tables with non-equally-sized lists.