Excel Reader TT Toolbox

I have a problem with the PlugIn TT Toolbox and its Excel Reader component.A project that has been running (successfully) for a while, always with the same Excel file, now generates an error message. I wanted to subsequently add an additional spreadsheet to my Excel file and read it in via the Excel Reader as before. So I added the spreadsheet to Excel, saved it normally, as I did a few times before. But all of a sudden the following error message appears:

Troubleshooting I tried myself:
The spreadsheet is named correctly, I re-read the path, re-linked the component, reset the Read Input again and saved the Excel file under a different path. None of this helped.

Also interesting: The old spreadsheets are still recognized, only all new content since a certain date is not recognized. As if Grasshopper still has an old file linked. As you can see in the picture, only the new component with the “Test” spreadsheet does not work. The old component where I use the worksheet “Table5” still works.

Thank you very much for your help, I am looking forward to your suggestions!

Best regards,

Could it be linked to the fact that you’re “Grafting” the File component? I would think the file should never be grafted, you only want to read/write one file? You can click on the “Up Arrow” of the File component, right-click and remove graft. Maybe that works. You se in the yellow panels how the component is running many times… this is the cause.

hello Darrel, thank you very much for your idea. Unfortunately that’s not the reason, the problem exists even when reading a single file and even without me grafting the path. (By the way, I need the grafting for the data structure.)

As you can see, the upper component works with and without graften (here a worksheet that already exists for some time is called). The decisive factor seems to be the worksheet that I have added.