Issue exporting data from grasshopper to Excel

Hi all,
The last couple of weeks i started experiencing issues when exporting numerical data from grasshopper to Excel. In the past i always used the WriteXL component (TT toolbox) within Rhino 7 and it worked fine.
But recently it stopped working.
I tried other components to write data to excel, but none of them seem to work.
Does anybody have a solution, or is there a good plugin out there that might do the trick?

Best regards,

Did you check the Excel Write component from Lunchbox? Perhaps that works in your situation.

Hi Tom

this seems very much like a duplicate of the discussion here, where you asked the same thing:

did you follow christel’s link or read that thread she pointed you to?


This one works well. Looks like they’ve had install issues on mac, but i’ve personally never had a problem.