Project curve pattern on to a curved surface

any ideas how I can project a pattern like this on to a surface or some sort of array? Ideally I want it to go around the room just to illustrate some carving on a cornice in a 3d sketch

2016 03 01 test.3dm (1.6 MB)


Would Flow along surface do the trick for you?

thanks but I can seam to get that to work for this? am I missin
g something


  • extract the surface and use _ShrinkTrimmedSrf so it does not extend much below its trimmed area
  • now select the surface and run _CreateUVCrv
  • near the world origin(*), the bounds of the surface are then created inside a rectangle curve
  • place your pattern inside this rectangle so it fits your needs
  • select the placed pattern and the bounding rectangle
  • start the _ApplyCrv command, then select the surface to tranform it back where you want it

(*) Your model seems far away from the world origin. If you cannot find the uv curves created, use ZS (_Zoom _Selected).