How to project pattern on polysurfaces rhino?

Hi , how to project 3D polysurfaces into polysurfaces watertight and accurately ?
right now im doing this using displacement and this is so heavy and mesh .
Please note that this is possible with softwares like belnder an 3d’smax and what i want to achieve is an affordable workflow i don’t want to make these patterns from projected curve by hand .
I also know about Drape method but it’ll not suit my needs while its not accurate and limited .
I also don’t want to use paneling tools , i want to control custom geometry .

Hi @hamed.desighn
What is it stopping you from using panelling tools? It’s made for exactly this kind of thing and I’m not sure what you mean by

Setting up your own “panels” is quite easy using Panel Custom 3D.

HTH, Jakob


thanks @Normand it works only with repetitive patterns , and you cannot project a geometry ( a text for example ) on that polysurface , itll only replace rectangular pattern ( not projecting them) into that and that patter will not curved well .

Hello - you can try this plug-in - I don’t know if it does what you need - - the biggest limitation is that the target object must be larger than the bounding box of the objects you are projecting. See the example file. Un-block the plug-in in Windows and drag and drop onto Rhino to add

ProjectObjects.rhp (20.5 KB)
ProjectObjectsTester.3dm (1.4 MB)



Why it isn’t implemented within the software itself ?

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