Trying to use SrfMorph to project a Pattern to Multiple Irregular Surfaces


I’m trying to use a grasshopper script to take a specifically patterned grid of curves with a set xy bounding box (BB1) and apply them to multiple surfaces that have different boundaries (BBx).The grid pattern needs to always have the 1:1 scale of BB1, but be trimmed to fit the boundaries of all the trimmed surfaces (BBx). These surfaces (BBX) all come from the original rectangle (BB1) but do not always share the same four corners (however, two similar corners are always constant). The curves are all planer as well as all the surfaces.

Manually, this would just be aligning the set of curves (BB1) and trimmed surfaces (BBx) in the same Plane and then projecting them onto a surface in Rhino. I’m hoping a script can allow me to test variations of BB1 onto all the surfaces off BBx.

I’ve gotten SrfMorph to work but I have sporadic results for both the scale of the pattern as well as the consistency of the trim. Does anyone have any ideas of what’s needed here?