Curved trimmed surface for smorph

Sorry if this question has been asked too many times. Itried couple of solutions mentioned in the forum but still it did not work. so, i am trying to morph some patterns on this surface (attached). it was made using sweep2, this makes the surface have two seems on it is side, and the surface morph does not work properly. i tried to remake the surface using a point of clouds and patching them but it give a trimmed surface and does not work with srfMorph, What do you think a work around would be) (i also tried shrink trimmed surface, no luck either)
Thanks for the suggestion
untrimmed (143.1 KB)

You cannot smorph on a trimmed surface and expect it to perfectly match the outline, since the algorithm uses the surface parameter space underneath the trim. So there is essentially only one approach, you need to create a mapping shape above which is independent from the surface below.

Usually what you do is, you create a untrimmed surface around it and then you normal project the point or curve grid, and from there you build geometry. Or you do this overlay with curves only. Another approach for grid point/curve generation is to build it from a refined mesh , but this limiteds flexibility a lot. The difficulty here is the strong bidirectional curvature. But at some point you need to cut the pattern. In my experience a homogeneous distribution of your grid cells is more important than a proper outline.

In any case, mapping such a shape can take days of trial and error, at least if you want to make it good. Essentially you should check multiple approaches. It’s not so clear what works best, since it really depends on so many things. Of course also consider to modify the shape for a better mapping, if this is allowed. A well place frame can help you in dealing with cutted outlines

Furthermore you can avoid singularities on surfaces (like you surface has) if you revolve the surface around a minimal circle of a diameter of your doc tolerance (e.g. 0.001).

You also might search for spherical point mapping strategies…