Trying to simulate a stretched Metal Mesh with kangaroo

Hi guys! :wave:

Architecture student here, finding ways to model new things in rhino;

I’m a newbie with grasshopper and even more with kangaroo. I’ve been following tutorials from Youtube and understanding the basic components of Kangaroo but before investing a lot of time, I would like to ask you if a particular simulation is achievable (for a starting user :slight_smile: )

My reference is this project by SO-IL in Korea.

And I designed a tensioned mesh around my building like in this model photo:

I wonder if this mesh would be achievable with kangaroo, and if so, in which tools should I focus on experimenting.

This is a basic model of the base and boxes in which I want to experiment.
Mesh.3dm (2.7 MB)

My best idea for now is:
Model the 4 faces of the mesh in Rhino and join them as 1;
Go to kangaroo - Set the Mesh - Use Naked Vertices to get the ClothedPoints and apply gravity on Z axis to them, maintaining the NakedPoints fixed.
(problem being - I don’t know how to “translate” this into kangaroo language and make it work.)

Thanks in advance! :+1:

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Kangaroo was actually used on this project, by Front Inc. who were the facade collaborators. They wrote a paper on the process here:


Use Kangaroo goal SolidPointCollide.

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@DanielPiker Thanks for the reference but there’s only the Abstract, not the full article available and I don’t have the book in which the article is. I will search for it anyways to see if it helps.

Going to look into Solid Point Collide and experiment with it.