Trying to Perform a Folded Plate Animation

I’m trying to figure out how to animate a flat arrangement of polygons with matching edges into a three-dimensional, folded open arrangement of planes. I’ve seen some Grasshopper content that contains “hinging” and “folding” nodes that can be used to animate the folding of two planes. It is not immediately obvious to me how this can be implemented when one plane is hinging off another plane that is itself hinging off another plane. I’m attaching a three-step image that should give a sense of the basic animation desired.

I do not know. The most rudimentary and artistic way is to do it in a classic way. Rotating and making a screenshot 24 or 12 fps. Puttin that in Photoshop and exporting gif or mov.

In Grasshopper you can set up hinging sequences like this by rotating the objects and the planes for the other hinges like this: (7.8 KB)

K2 is great, but there is one more intuitive option for oragami.
Crane plugin.
You can set mountains snd valleys and the shape will fold as your setting.

Try with Ivy plugin (7.7 KB)

And this using transform component and compound transformations
You can start with simple rectangles then orient the original surfaces (20.2 KB)


A great succinct instruction. Thanks, Daniel. (15.8 KB)